Moving into our area?  Please call our office at (507) 375-3164 before you move in to arrange transfer of electric service or to make arrangements for a new electric service.

Members are the cooperative

As a member you are part owner of South Central Electric Association. The area served by South Central Electric has seven directors elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. Directors serve a three year term. The Board of Directors meet monthly to conduct the business of the Cooperative. They hire the General Manager who hires the Cooperative employees and manages the daily affairs of the Cooperative. South Central Electric Association is a cooperative business; therefore, we credit any money the members pay over and above actual operating expense to each member’s Capital Credit account. Your share of the Capital Credits for the year depends on the amount you have paid into the Cooperative that year. South Central Electric retains your Capital Credits and uses that money as operating capital. Each year you will receive a notice showing the amount of your Capital Credits for the past year.

Your Role as a Member

As a member you have certain responsibilities that are important to South Central Electric Association’s success.

  1. It is important to pay your electric bill by the due date each month. This avoids a late payment charge for you and allows South Central Electric Association to run smoothly and meet its financial obligations.
  2. Please call South Central Electric Association (507-375-3164 or 507-628-5571 or 888-805-7232) to report any problems along South Central Electric’s lines that need attention; damaged poles, broken insulators, and trees growing into lines are a concern to us.
  3. If you plan to dig, call Gopher State One-Call (1-800-252-1166) to have underground utility lines in your area located. This is a toll free call and lines will be located free of charge to you. After notification, all utilities have 48 hours to locate the underground utility lines in the area you requested.
  4. Maintaining distance between trees and power lines is a continuing program. Please support our efforts to provide you with reliable service by granting permission to clear any right-of-way located on your property.
  5. If you move, call South Central Electric two weeks before the date of your move or let us know the final date for which you are responsible. Please give us your forwarding address so your final bill and future Capital Credits can be mailed to your new address. At the time of your move check the final meter reading.
  6. Read our monthly newsletter, CONNECTIONS. It will keep you well informed about South Central Electric. It contains articles on electrical safety, load management, appliances, energy related topics, and many articles about your Cooperative.
  7. If you pay a monthly rental to South Central Electric for your security light, report any maintenance problems promptly. That will help us give you the best possible service.
  8. Report load management equipment problems as soon as possible. Some programs include free maintenance as part of our commitment to you. If the equipment is not functioning properly, please let us know about it.
  9. Each spring an Annual Meeting of the membership is held to inform members of the financial and operating conditions of the Cooperative. It is at the Annual Meeting that you elect directors.

The Annual Meeting is very important to the continued success of South Central Electric. By attending, you will have better knowledge of your Cooperative and exercise your right to take an active part in the operation of your Cooperative. The Annual Meeting normally includes a meal, entertainment and door prizes.