Genset Program

This page is for participants in the SCEA generator load management program.

Generator load control run times - These are times we called for generators to run.  Your generator run time may be different depending on cool down and issues that may have prevented the generator from running or shorten the run time.  

Run time and maintenance tracking sheet.  We developed this sheet to use for our own generator and you may use it to track run time hours and maintenance for your generator.  Using this sheet does not mean you meet any EPA compliance, it is for your convenience only.  It is just an example you may use to track hours and maintenance.

Generator run times: This is the time we called for generators to run.  Your generator may not have run for this exact time because of issues with your generator or radio control.

2022 Generator run times

2021 Generator run times

2020 Generator run times

2019 Generator run times

2013 Generator run times

2014 Generator run times

2015 Generator run times

2016 Generator run times

2017 Generator run times

2018 Generator run times

Not sure how the EPA's National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines affect you.  Visit the EPA's web site for more information.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency web page on RICE NESHAP rules(link is external).

EPA Region 1 Office information on RICE NESHAP(link is external).