Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up®

Every month the SCEA Board receives requests for donations from many worthwhile causes in our area. The Board has had a tradition of not contributing funds collected from your electric rates. With Operation Round Up® worthwhile organizations in our area can apply for donations through the South Central Electric Association Trust. The funding is separate from money that is used to provide you reliable, safe and affordable power.

The Trust Board decides which worthwhile causes get funds and how much. Charitable organizations, activities and worthy causes within the South Central Electric service territory are eligible to apply for funds. Funds can be used for such things as education programs, scholarships, fire & rescue, community improvement projects, programs to help the elderly and other worthy causes. Funds will not be used for political purposes or supplemental funding for local government.

Members are automatically enrolled in the program, so there is nothing you need to do to participate. If you do not wish to participate call our office at (507) 375-3164.


Do you have an organization that would like to apply for Operation Round Up funds? Click here for the application and information sheet.

Next application deadline is October 27, 2023.


Operation Round-up Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Operation Round Up®?

A: It’s a charitable program designed to provide financial assistance to local nonprofit organizations and community projects such as food shelves, volunteer fire departments and rural ambulance services. Co-op members can voluntarily participate by “rounding up” electric bills each month to the nearest dollar.

Q: Who participates in Operation Round Up®?

A: Co-op members are automatically enrolled in the program, unless they contact South Central Electric to opt out. Participation in the program is voluntary. For those who don’t care to participate, the co-op provides opportunities to opt-out.  If at any time you wish to stop participating contact our office and you will be removed from the program.

Q: Why do I have to Opt-out?

A: The decision to implement the program on an opt-out basis was based on the experiences and recommendations of the electric cooperatives that have already rolled out Operation Round Up® programs. We realize that not all members may wish to participate. You can be removed from the program at any time by contacting our office.

Q: How much money will I be donating?

A: The average annual donation is expected to be less than $6.00 per account, while the maximum annual contribution will average less than $12 per year.

Q: Who administers the funds donated by South Central Electric members?

A: A seven-member voluntary Trust Board oversees charitable giving through Operation Round Up®. The Trust Board is comprised of co-op members appointed by the South Central Electric Association Board of Directors. The Trust Board is responsible for approving the Operation Round Up® bylaws, reviewing applications and dispersing funds to local community organizations and projects. The Trust Board is independent of the electric Board, they are two separate Boards. One hundred percent of the Round Up funds go to the Trust. Funds are used for charitable giving.

Q: Who benefits?

A: With budget cuts to many programs traditionally funded by other means and an increased number of requests for donations, the collective small change donated by co-op members will benefit nonprofit organizations and other worthwhile causes in SCE’s service area. For example, the funds will help stock local food shelves, help buy new equipment for volunteer fire departments and support community health initiatives. Organizations must apply to the Trust Board for funds.

Q: How does Operation Round Up® work?

A: This program is designed to “round up” your electric bill to the nearest dollar and use the additional change to fund the Operation Round Up® program for charitable giving purposes. Although your change is a small amount, when combined with other participating co-op members, the potential impact could make a substantial difference in our communities.

Q: Why should I participate?

A: You should contribute only if you want to join other co-op members in a community development effort AND only if you feel you can afford to contribute up to $12 a year. Through a cooperative and unified program, you’ll have a means of donating to worthy causes, and, through Operation Round Up®, the small change of individuals can add up and make a big difference for our area. Together, we can do some wonderful things for our local communities.

Do you have an organization that would like to apply for Operation Round Up funds? Click here for the application and information sheet.