100% Renewable Program

South Central Electric REC Program allows members to be 100% renewable.Trimont Wind Farm

The South Central Electric REC program offers members the option of being 100% renewable at a low additional cost.  Members can offset 100% of their electricity usage for the year with renewable energy credits (RECs).  Corporations around the country purchase REC's to claim green energy attributes to their businesses, South Central members big or small can do the same.

Who can participate?  Any South Central Electric member.

How much does it cost?  Members pay an additional $.001/kWh.  Example:  You use 1,000 kWh's per month.  1,000 (kWh's) X 12 (months) = 12,000 (kWh's).  12,000 (kWh's) X $.001 = $12.  You could be 100% renewable with REC's for an additional $12 per year.  The additional $.001/kWh will be billed to members each month.  In this example members would only see an additional $1.00 on their monthly bill.

How does it work?  At the close of each year South Central Electric will purchase and retire renewable energy credits to cover the total amount of kWh's participating members used for the year.  You do not install anything or worry about tracking anything.  We'll do all the work for you.

I want to participate, what do I do?  Just call our office at 507-375-3164 and ask for Jim.


South Central Electric 100% Renewable Information Sheet